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EuroTracs is your partner for optimising your logistical movements and offers solutions for the transport company, the shipper and the charter

eTrans TMS

Your transport management solution available wherever your are,
helps your company enhancing efficiency in a professional way.

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Share orders with your charters and inform your customers during the execution.
eConnect is the revolution in the world of transport interchange platforms and allows better collaboration.

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eConnect App

A professional boardcomputer on your smartphone or tablet which
really supports all your business processes

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eTrans Transport Management Software

eTrans TMS

Your transport management solution available wherever you are, without a big investment against a monthly payable price, helps your company to work professionally and increases your return by taking the right decisions.

eConnect Transport Interchage Software


Share shipments with your subcontractors and update your customers during the execution.  eConnect is the revolution within transport interchange systems, allowing you to automate and optimize collaboration.  Manage your charters as if they are your own drivers.

eConnect App Transport Mobiele Boordcomputer

eMobile App

A professional telematics solution enables you to take control over the performance of your drivers and vehicles.  All information is available in real-time.  This way, you can locate and follow-up your vehicles, trailers and loads very efficiently.

Solutions for the shipper

Would you as a shipper like to share your transport orders online and in a uniform way with your carriers?  The eConnect Order Exchange Gateway offers you the necessary tools, so that your carriers communicate the latest status about the handling of the various assignments and positions of your shipments with you. This is a standardized way so that you can integrate this data into your own solutions, or by consulting the online eConnect platform.  This offers better quality and control for the shipper and the carrier.

You would like to be in control of the status of you shipments, and would like to understand how you can improve the efficiency and utilization of your locations, then eConnect can certainly help you.  eConnect Order Execution Monitoring alerts you of exceptional situations that arise, so that you only need to concentrate on the things going wrong.  The “Control Tower” works for you, and helps you optimising your proces.

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Solutions for the carrier

As a transport company today, you have a lot of administrative tasks to perform. Do you wish to facilitate this, and you don’t want to register all information in various systems, then we can help you with eTrans.

You need better real-time communication with your divers, better tracking of your cargo and all this in a simple we, then our board computer can certainly add value to your business process.

Your client wants real-time status updates about their shipments, or you want to deliver better quality in a proactive way.  Please check out our eConnect platform to fulfill these requirements.

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Solutions for the subcontractor – charter

Your client would like to have more real-time status information during the execution of an assignment?  You don’t use a transport management or telematics solution in your company?

Even then, you can still meet the needs of your client, and offer the quality he asks for.  This through the eConnect platform and eConnect App.

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Optimise the logistic chain !


Wijnands Bulk Care selects EuroTracs for further process automation

Wijnands Bulk Care is a logistics service provider located in Lanaken, Belgium, and specializing in loose bulk products. They provide transport, storage, transshipment (in warehouses), and packaging or processing of materials. Their markets are chemicals, recycling,...

Press release

Vedrova wisselt Order-en statusinformatie uit via cloudbased platform (Dutch)

TTM.NL, November 2015Om vervoerders en verladers eenvoudig en betaalbaar order-en statusinformatie met elkaar te laten uitwisselen introduceerde EuroTracs een jaar gelden het eConnect platform. Het blijk een schot in de roos, vooral voor transporteurs en verladers die werken met meerdere onderaannemers.

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